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Friday, November 21, 2008

Lunch at Fabianne's Bistro @ Parkway Parade

Dropped by Parkway Parade over the weekend to check out some shelves at Howard's and lunch.

We were looking for the food court at level B1 and were lucky to passed by a couple of new eateries- a Japanese mini-mart who sold fresh produce and food (which you can eat in the mini-mart), a Brazilian butchery with a bistro, and a bakery.

Needless to say, carnivore that I am, I chose the butchery and we ate at Fabianne's Bistro.

The menu was tempting, offering lots of meat dishes and wagyu beef (from Australia), grass fed beef, aged beef (where a carcass was left to "decompose" slightly in a controlled environment to enhance its flavor and texture, instead of cooking from freshly butchered cows). was that too much information? oops. Pasta, Salad and Soup AND a wine list.

I decided to be wallet conscious and only chose a "normal" steak, E chose the sausage platter of which came with one each of bratwurst, oxford and linguica served with sauerkraut, prawn pasta for the kids (they were very nice to have offered and cooked the dish without chilli) and a ceasar salad to share.

My steak (for the life of me, I cant remember the cut, not tenderloin, not sirloin but something cheaper and fatter) done medium rare (is there any other way?) was tender and satisfying charred on bits of fat. The sausages were interesting, but the sour veg was great! Pasta was good too.

The portions were very generous and the whole meal (with a lemon soda for me and beer for E) came up to about $68.00 (10% off with Citibank Cards).

Cant wait to go back there to try their other stuff, i spied Crackling skin pork belly, Bahian spicy crab soup, and wagyu beef.

But before that, I got to seriously consider their Christmas menu (raw butchered stuff for those who can and want to cook, and roasted stuff for those who only want to eat without prejudice to level of cooking skills).

Other meat places that E and I want to try: 10 at Claymore at Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel (formerly known as Negara Hotel) and Prime Society at Dempsey.


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