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Monday, October 20, 2008


Sent my car for 40,000km servicing this morning, and tried to hail a cab back to office.

Started walking towards the main road. Missed a cab as I was walking behind a parked trailer. ARGH.

Crossed the junction, no cab.

Started walking in the direction of my office. Still no cab.

Next junction, a cab turned but it was already hired.

Kept walking and I was just 1 junction away from my office. Decided to walk to the office.

And I reached my office. 2.1km away according to Google maps, and I saved maybe $5 on cab fare.


Time to collect my car. I decided to save money (since I'm seriously broke now) and not call a cab, but to try my luck by walking out to hail one.

Walked along the road, saw one cab coming towards me with somebody in it. Perhaps it is my lucky day? I walked a little more to the further junction (to save money, like 10cents...) thinking it "had to" reverse and come out this way... But lo and behold, it was GONE!

Walked out to the main road. No cab.

Crossed the road. Still nothing. Only lots of lorries and FTs on bicycles zooming by, and i'd have to be injured AND crazy to hitch-hike on one...

Kept walking towards the service center. Still no cab.




Yes, 15 min and 2.1km later, I had walked back to the service center from my office.

I'm not sure whether to be glad of the $10 savings, be perplexed over the gods of healthy lifestyle that had chosen me, be thankful for the cloudy weather during the walks, or plain forget about today.


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