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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler

(Needless to say but this is NOT a paid advertorial. haha.)

It works!

I was skeptical but since it didnt cost an arm and a leg at $75 for 30ml (compared to 6-12 times for botox + filler), I bought one to try 3.5 weeks ago (when i was not that desperately poor yet)

Twice a day application on the 3 long and deep horizontal groves on my neck which had bothered me since school days. Imagine me wearing 3 donut rings and you wont be far from the actual image.

Just a week later, the middle line has the edges on both sides of neck lightened, and the others not as deep.

1.5 weeks later, the top line has lifted to show itself to be 2 lines instead of 1 deep line.

now, at 3.5 weeks later and 1/3 tube down, the bottom line has almost disappeared; the sides of the middle line has disappeared further, leaving only a faint line in the center; the top (2 in 1) line has decreased in depth overall.

I look almost normal.

The miraculous thing is that it is not "cosmetic" only, i.e. such as makeup where the coverage disappears when you wash it off. After showering, the lines are still away! The effect is as if I have stretched my skin without using my fingers. The line is simply not there!

Even better, the effect lasts. I had gone for a 3 days work trip and had forgotten to pack it for the travel. The lines didnt return in the mean time. Upon my return and 1st 2 application, the effect simply continued to improve.

You gotta buy it. For yourself, your mom, your wife, your mom-in-law, your elder sister.

It works. I didnt believe it, but it does.


is it safe for preggies? where to buy?
First of all, congrats! Wishing both you and the little one safe pregnancy and delivery.

Not sure whether safe for use in pregnancy, but why not play safe and wait anyways?

Available in Guardian Pharmacy, which seems to be the exclusive distributor right now.
hee... thanks :)
will go guardian & see
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