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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New watch

I blew my whole pay cheque from my 1st temp contract during my 1st uni vacation on an antique watch, about S$1400 IIRC.

When I graduated, my parents bought me a Rolex.

Then I bought a watch for myself every Christmas in the first few years of working life. Well, just a swatch, but one with date and 3 hands.

I've since stopped that indulgence but it doesnt diminish the pleasure of receiving a watch as a gift or giving them as gifts.

I bought hubby a watch for our engagement, and he's still wearing it.

Got this from my dad last week (with a black leather band, brown is so yucky).

I like the over-sized man watch

I like the weight

and i have been staring at my wrist ever so often since.

Thanks Dad. :)


Oh my.. that's so sweeet
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