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Monday, July 28, 2008


Oh I am so in danger of being a suaku-never-goes-anywhere...

but fret not!

Here's a short review of a new place i've checked out and i have an invite to go for Sunday brunch at mezza9 next week!

Parents had a dinner party to go to, so we didnt have home-cooked meal courtesy of the grandparents of my kids.

and since we were near Jelita and the kids LOVE the child-sized trolleys, we decided to check out the available food venues in Jelita Shopping Center.

1. O'Brien's
2. Friends@Jelita

We decided on Friends@Jelita becos they held opened the door and invited us in (not that O'Briens didnt but they didnt have a door, haha), and was most forthright (er, yeah, we have kids here) when we asked if they were children-friendly seeing their glass and classy deco

We were offered sparkling water which we declined. Just water, thanks.

And our dinner choices:

1. Caesa Salad
topped with shredded egg, parmesan shave & croutons, bacon vinaigrette

2. kids' set of Fish & Chip + Vanila ice cream + Apple juice
nicely fried breaded cod fish, NOT fish fingers! Very classy for tiny tots.

3. kids set of Hawaiian Pizza + Vanila ice cream + Orange juice
practically ham, pineapple and cheese on prata, since the base was that thin

4. Squid Ink Pasta
Not pasta made with squid ink, but pasta with squid ink cream sauce and perfectly executed squid pieces that were melt in the mouth tender, no chewing required. YUM.
They had asked very nicely if we were sharing and for our permission to change our red napkins to black. classy.

5. Beef Tenderloin - medium rare
served with roasted garlic potato & grilled vegetables. Nicely done.

6. Chilean Melot

7. HoeGarden

The surprise was since we had ordered ala carte mains for the adults, the kids' sets (complete with juice and ice cream) were FREE! nice...

Total just over $100 including +++ I guess it is ok for once-a-month outing with kids.

They have other promotions going on throughout the week with various credit cards deals, but I spied one with $2 oysters?

I'll be back.



Should it be Caesar Salad? I am not sure as I dont like vegs. But i like to correct people.
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