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Friday, July 25, 2008


Hated the proper original version of PDF converter, it's too long and too troublesome to fire up.

Found a nifty FREE little prog called CutePDF which is not only FREE, it has no tell-tale watermarks and no sneaky popup web ads!

The most painless process ever!

1. Download and Install
1.1 cutepdf.exe at 1.54MB and
1.2 PS2PDF converter (GPL Ghostscript 8.15 recommended) at 5.01MB

(if you download only the CutePDF and run it, it will automatically search for a PS2PDF converter and asks if you want to download one since it is needed to run, say yes and it will download it and continue with installation, idiot proof)

2. Open the file which you want to convert to PDF

3. Go to File/ Print and select CutePDF.

4. It will prompt you for the location to save the PDF file to (you can change the name and location). You will be sent back to your original document without it pompously presuming that you want to fire up the reader to read it.

5. Viola! In colors too!

Love it Love it Love it

despite the cutesy name.

Gonna install in my lappie too.


Yeah.. the name just doesnt do it for me man.
but it works!

though i'm not sure if that is IN SPITE of the name ;)
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