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Thursday, July 03, 2008

ARGH! Bumped from behind!

OK, 2 years 7 months after getting my license and 1 year 8 months after getting my own car, i've met with my first car accident.

The Accident

Was a dark and drizzly night, on my way home after work. Came out of PIE (towards Changi) exit towards upper serangoon. Kept left all the way on the connecting road turning into upper serangoon (just outside St Andrew Village), passed the bus bay, passed woodsville close, red light at pedestrian crossing, cars come to a stop and so did, waiting for the lights to turn green. A road i've travelled many hundreds of times.


What the....

Hit the hazard lights, put the car on park and hand brake, got out to check. So did the driver behind me, a malay men in his late 30s with a cigarette in 1 hand.

The cars were less 1 cm apart after he's applied his brake AFTER hitting my car.

I got into my car and rolled it forward.

No dents. that's good.

he was still smoking away, "anything?"

i squated down to examine the rear bumper. Too dark to see, even lighted by his feeble headlights of a old nissan with SBR plates. ARGH

"so how?"

i examine the bumper closer. running my fingers over the wet surface.

"sorry ah, mdm, raining lah"

i touched unevenness, and i shone my mini torchlight on it. Scratches. Lines. Across the the whole bumper. I looked back at his front bumper. His bumper had left its exact lined imaged on my rear bumper.

I showed them to him.

He came closer and and traced the lines i showed him.

Now it was time for me to ask him "so how?"

He closed the cover of the rear license plate light, hoping I havent seen him doing so. I did.

"We have to report insurance, you know?"

"Must report insurance?" His eyes went wide.

"Yeah, the new laws what"

"Er, you check with workshop first then I pay you how?"

"Sure, I'll let you know. Please give me your IC"

He handed it over, and i took down the details- Name, IC Number, even his address.

He gave me his handphone numbers, I called him to verify that it worked.
"See polishing enough or not"
"I dont know, i hope so. I'll let you know tomorrow"
"We dont claim insurance lah huh?"
"But if too much then, hur-hur no choice lah"
"Aiyoh, I not that type to want to make money from accident lah, dont worry" who's the victim here man?
"whats your NCD?"
"what what? NCD?"
"No Claim Discount" Only drivers with good NCD will have to worry about protecting their NCD and pay off small incidents with cash.
"Ohhhh N-C-D. I dont have lah"
"Then why you worry claim insurance?"
"OK, i'll call you tomorrow"
"Yeah, ok. sorry ah, mdm"
"yeah, already happened, so we work it out ok?"

I took pictures and went home.
Driving a little slower this time, and glancing at my rear view mirror a little too long too often.


I got home, and I told E "my car kenna bang"

His first reaction (after registeriing the fact that i was standing in front of him unscath, i hope) was "Who bang who?"

I rolled my eyes. Doesnt "kenna" already means "being done something by"? "People bang me lah"

"How bad is it?"

"No dents, just scratches on the rear bumper"

We went down to check again, making sure that all the lights and the reverse sensors worked. They did.

We agreed that E will call the chap to negotiate since Malay men give more respect to men, i think.

I didnt sleep well that night.

The Negotiation & Reporting

Went back to my usual service center Nissan @ Lok Yang.

They were really professional about it.

Took pictures and churned out a quote in a jifty.

$362.12 for Respray rear bumper, renew rear license plate lamp cover and realign rear bumper, AFTER discount, including GST. 1 full day job, may have to leave the car in the workshop for a night if the weather dont let up. 2 days loss of use.

Discussed with E to charge 2 days loss of use at $80 per day since taxi-fare from home to office is already $30+ 1 way.

E called him and called me back in less than 3 minutes, cant be good news.

"He was already shocked when I told him the repair charges, no need even to mention the loss of use"

The nissan guy smiled and gave me more forms to fill, and he will file the report with my insurance company, which is nissan's official insurer.

But I had to drive the car home cos he told me "Nobody will repair until the other party's insurance company agree to pay"

The steps being:

- i file my report and claim with my insurance company, informing them that i wish claim against the other party.
- Wait for him to file his report with his insurance company
- His insurance company will send a surveyor to take photo of my car (I will have to send the car to the workshop for that, to take photo...)
- Wait for his insurance company to agree with the claim, negotiate if necessary.
- Send the car for repair.
- If claim loss of use with car rental, must pay upfront for the car rental an submit car rental invoice. If claim taxi, cash basis.


At least I still get to drive in the mean time.

Other People

Told some colleagues about the accident, and their 1st question was "WHO BANG WHO?"

Goodness, my car get a hit from the back and "WHO BANGED WHO"?

Maybe you reverse and bang pp mah

Wah lao, see me no up. MAJOR ROLL EYES

Maybe you reverse from car park lot and other pp bang into you mah.


Whats the other party's plate number?


Buy 4D

i give up.


Guess that chap was expecting you to bring your car to some ah beng workshop for spray work. That would probably work out to be a few hundred bucks. It's little wonder he is shock to hear the $300 plus. Anyway it's not your fault but still, drive carefully!
Good thing that nobody is hurt. :)
Giz - yeah, he had probably expected me to go "polish" at less than $200. But some of the scratches were a little deep and what happens if that didnt get rid of all the scratches *pout* i'd rather go back to my own agent

dk - thanks :)
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