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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Visual Bookshelf - even better

A new tab called "Manage" stared at me when I was updating my Visual Bookshelf on Facebook today.



A fast loading spreadsheet with
Title/ Author/ Status/ Rating/ Review/ Own
and no covers


that you can click to juggle and delete book, add/ change review, change status at a click.

Even filter by the different category very quickly.


I can now sorta copy and paste the books i want to read (no, you cant filter by "want to read", i tried) to another application to print/ export to bring to the libraries/ book shop.

Now if they would only allow to filter by Status too... AND add that export function.



Adam l here from Hungry Machine Inc, the guys behind the Visual Bookshelf.

First off... I'm glad to hear you liked the manage tab. Its still a work in progress but we think its a good step forward in our efforts to make collection organization totally effortless.

Filter by status and a print/export function are on the feature list for future implementation.

Happy reading,

Adam L
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