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Friday, May 16, 2008

Say Sorry!

I try to watch movies on Krisworld that I would otherwise be unable to catch when on firm ground, whether lack of time or not widely shown in SG

So this trip to BKK, i caught Boytown and Venus & Mars

The first is a throw-away pulp movie, and suitable for pp who grew up in the 80s and were there to witness the rise of BackStreetBoys and Take That (before Robbie Williams went solo) and are now witnessing the "come-back" of the same.

The second was an unlikely love story with an impossibly pretty Kim_Tae-hee (who looks like a healthier and taller version of Jolin Tsai)

The one in the center is Kim, not Tsai. Weird. Did they go to the same doctor? oops, my bad.

Anyways, i digress.

I actually shed a few tears at the 1st ending (there is another ending just when the rolling credits starts, watch for it)

Am gonna egg E to watch the movie, and then point him to what happens if he doesnt say sorry.


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