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Friday, May 16, 2008


Been punting on the SES for awhile now.

5 lots of this,
10 lots of that
10 lots of the other one

some on contra basis, some on (hopefully) short term hold, some on medium hold (by choice or not)

all very exciting, but the scary bit is when one becomes immune to the numbers as to bet (if you want to be annal about it) with such nonchalance on $4k to $40k per trade

Juuuuust numbers.

Until you work out the tangibility of the numbers:
- $300 is a damn good dinner for 2,
- $700 is the price of my LV wallet,
- $1700 is the LV bag i wanted for my birthday,
- $46000 is the price of my car


and then i went and lose almost $2k (1 LV bag + 1 good dinner) on bad timing and bad decision (sold too late to effectively stop loss).

I am sitting on some paper gain which will more than cover that, but STILL!


Thank goodness it is going to be a public holiday on Monday, and I'll take a 3-days breather.

Happy Vesak Day!


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