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Thursday, May 29, 2008

my car died...

Happily parked my car and went for lunch.

And when i returned, the car won't start!

Just the Krraaaackkkk-kraaaack-kraccckKKK sound when i turned the key in the ignition.

My male colleague suggested we open the hood to see


but then he didnt know what to check


Told colleagues that to go back to office via public transport.

Contemplated calling E, or MY DAD. Am still a daddy's girl no matter how old...

In the end, I called

1. Nissan EMERGENCY service hotline

"Hello, Nissan servicing?"

"Yes? How i helpch you?"

"Er... my car wont start"

"So you want us to tow for you?"

Thats a leap of logic for me... but "Is it possible to send a mechanic to check?"

"Noooo... we only the towing company, where are you?"

"Jurong, but how much is the towing fee?" not that i will be using them, cause i'm an AA member and towing is free!

"I dont know."


"We only towing company, we charge Nissan then I dont know how much Nissan charge you"

"Err... ok, thanks. I will call you again" NOT!

2. Nissan Service Center at Loyang

"Hello Nissan Service Center"

"Hi, my car wont start"

"I think your battery is dead"

"But it is less than 1.5 years, and the internal lights and radio still works"

"yeah, i think your battery is dead."

"Oh, so how?"

"Do you want me to send a mechanic with a new battery to you?"

"er.. YEAH!!!"

"Where is your car?"

"car park at Blk XXX in Jurong"

"ok, 1-1.5 hours, $99 cash, 50% discount for the battery since less than 2 years, and $30 for transport"


"Or, can you get your car to jump-start and drive to our workshop? Then there will not be transport charges"

"er... no." Nobody in that car park.

"Ok, 1-1.5 hours"

So i went to an atm to get some cash, then went to the library to borrow some books and bought a drink and waited near my car.

True enough, a Nissan lorry came by with a mechanic who changed the battery in less than 15min.

"How come the battery die so fast one? Only 1.5 years."

"This type of electronic things, very difficult to say one"

"Hmmph! I was going to service my car next week, will they be able to check battery level if going to spoil?"

"If during testing the level is ok, can't say also. Then the next day battery die, customer will call and complain."


The car purrred and started without a hitch.

"Er, Miss, you know how to set the electronic things hor?"


"If dont know, just call our workshop, we can help"

He waved a merry hand and left.

And i sat in the car and realized that it was like rebooting an old pda with no memory, everything had to be reset.

The radio channels, clock, even the trip odometer was at zero, BUT NOT the accumulative odometer! HA.

I'm glad i didnt call my dad.

And I think, so is he.



your stories always warm my heart. Always. even the not so happy ones will stir me a little.

sometimes your blog is like those chicken soul for the cornball soul.
ahhh...electronics is always about black magic. everything seems right, but just won't work. next day, miraculously it works again! Happens to me a lot of time in my field of work. anyway, drive safely! ;)

awww... thats sweet,

but I do hope you mean chicken soup, cos i really dont (want to) know what chicken soul does for you.

heh, thats pretty scary opinion from someone working in electronics! :D

you be safe on the road too, both skating and when you do get on to the road (now that you've passed your basic theory) :)
i was feeling too stirred, not shaken when i typed that
or it could be you're coming down with something.

take your med and chick soup and feel better soon.

pat pat on head.
1.5 years and your little March died on you? If it happened a few days later like on Friday the 13th I will understand. LOL Well, at least it gave you an hour half of like respite from your usually hectic schedule. :)

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