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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dinner at Rakuichi

Finally a return to Rakuichi at Far East Shopping Center, after Dad brought the whole family there a few months back (where dinner including a sashimi boat for 7 adults and 4 kids came to over $800 and I had to convince Dad that it WAS worth it).

This time just 2 of us, D and I. My treat to D for saving my life, and is expected to concur conjure (thx CB) up more life-saving skills on short notice.

I had ordered without a care to the price, i mean~ how much can it be? ;)

So we had
- Oysters in ponchu sauce
- grilled baby sardine sheet
- salmon roe sushi
- Sashimi moriwase with uni
- Yakitori : gizzards, chicken skin, inoki mushroom wrapped in bacon, pork belly (to die for)
- chawamushi
- clear soup in tea pot
- 300ml kubota senju
- ocha
and some other stuff.

Bill came up to $250 plus and with 10% off from citibank card, it was about $225.

Well worth it.

but next time gotta leave the car at home and drink more. ;)


Did you mean "conjure" instead of "concur"?

does that count as life saving skills?


not really
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