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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rabbit with bite

a couple of incidents on the road set me thinking:

1. Stupid male driver in car park lot see me coming the ramp and probably thinking (a) small nissan march, (b) driven by a girl, (c) equals "don't give right of way, die die go in front otherwise kena stuck behind going down levels of ramps to go out of carpark"

so i let him go, and then tailgated him every turn of the carpark and down the ramp, more heat than he had expected and he almost scrap against the pilars going down. heh.

2. Stupid male driver coming up in lane 1, i overtook from lane 2 with room to spare, he tailgated me, for about 5 seconds... before i pulled off and he ate dust

3. Stupid male driver tailgating me in lane 1, which had a column of cars going slow because of road hog up front, i move to lane 2, zoom up and overtook the stupid male road hogger. The stupid tailgator still highbeaming every car in front to make them give way. duh.

i may LOOK like a rabbit,

but this is a rabbit with BITE.

pretty cool rabbit gif huh? made it myself via http://picasion.com/


oh my goodness, after my blog on female driver, you go around terrorising the roads and as a result reinforced my point!
you're soooo vindictive!
me terrorizing the roads?


i teach pp lessons, mostly guys.

and i started waaaay before your blog post wor.
besides, they weren't planned.

i just couldn't help myself...
muhahahahaha.. teach ple lessons...

Just for you, YJJ, just for you, i'll horn more errant lady drivers from tmr..
LOL. I believe being horned at make one a better driver if they learn from it.

but do horn at ALLLLL errant drivers

or is it becos ladies less likely to have road rage huh?
oh i horn at everyone... but as i drove past them, i found them to be female more often than not
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