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Friday, February 15, 2008

modesty in a dress

Bought a new dress during pre-CNY sale.

It looked alot like this one, but more military looking, with pockets with flaps in front, and pockets at the side of the dress, and normal upturn non-puffy sleeve. Came to mid-thigh on me when standing, shorter when seated.

Totally black so couldnt wore it for CNY proper, so I wore it for a presentation at work instead.

But it had been eons since I wore a dress or skirt to work, being a nice top + pants/ 3/4 pants/ jeans + heels type of girl.

And a long while since I wore a dress when I needed to drive.

What a novel experience.

- Placing my left foot closer to the seat and left knee at an angle pointing towards the right knee, instead of just placing my foot on the footwell and knee pointing outwards.

- The unexpected urge to close my knees whenever I was to step on the brakes.

- Feeling the seat fabric beneath my thighs.

- Getting out of the car gracefully.

I should buy and wear dresses more often, if not for the compliments ;)

Have a good weekend ahead.

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