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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lights out in the city

Was out for a 2 days 1 night work trip to KL, and had to put up at the hotel where Hard Rock is located.

After an early morning 4 hours drive from Singapore to KL (my colleague the F1 aspirant), full day of meeting and salted egg yolk crab dinner, I checked in to the executive suite at 930pm. I relaxed for awhile watching TV, and then decided to take a shower before working on the next day's meeting.
I took off my clothes to head to the shower stall, but decided to go to the toilet first. Just as I sat down, I heard a loud boom and then it was BLACKOUT!

I was in the inner-most part of my room, with no windows, doors closed and it was PITCH BLACK! ARGHHHH!!!

I could only pray it WAS a black out.

I hurriedly stretched out my hands to touch and open the glass door to the toilet stall, then gather my clothes from the floor and wore the oversized t-shirt top before proceeding to open the wooden door into the main room, but ARGHHH!!! I touched something soft! YEEKS!

ok, ok, it is soft and fluffy, it's alright. it was the bath robe that i've hung behind the door. OK, wear it.

More hand stretching to the wooden sliding door to the bedroom.

ah. finally i can see faint outlines. there were no tall buildings across my room to throw lights in.

I bumped into the bed, where i stretched for my handphone. SAVED! switch handphone to lights mode.

There is a light at the main door, must be the emergency light. where is the torch light that should be near the main door (of most major hotels that i've been to)? ARGH, no torch light.

I took a peek into the corridor, the lifts were still working, and only alternate lights at the corridor ceiling were on.

Called the housekeeper.

"Hello, this is J calling from Room # 17**"

" Yes, Ms. J"

"The power in my room is out!"

" Yes, Ms. J, we are checking on it"

"Is it just me, or the whole floor?"

"No, Ms. J, it is the WHOLE HOTEL"


"In fact, it is the whole road"

"Even the Hard Rock Cafe?"

" Yes, mdm"

"How long is it going to be? an hour?"

"We hope not, but we don't know, we are still checking"

"errr... ok."

"Good night mdm" Wah, damn steady.

10 minutes later, I was cradling my handphone and staring at the battery indicator, DING-DONG. A hotel staff brought me a torchlight.

No aircon, no hot water, no shower, no internet, nada.

I crept to bed and tried to sleep.


1:30am. it was lights on again, blowing out the 2 light bulbs at the bedside in the process. But I was too tired to turn out the remaining lights before falling asleep again. Besides, there was no guarantee that they will come on again after I turned them off, right?

At least the toilet lights were on the next morning.

I checked out in haste and tried to wrangle a discount from the hotel staff. Fat chance.

No more Concorde KL for me next time. First and last.


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