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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Homemaking vs Career

Had some very interesting conversations with several of my relatives over CNY.

An aunt and a cousin-in-law stayed home to look after their kids when they started or about to start schooling with very good results of well rounded kids with good values and close family ties.

A cousin who is a teacher expressed the same view and even to homeschooling her kids (if and when she has them) as she is disenchanted with the school system obsessed with KPI and principals' careful portfolios.

To be fair, there were also examples of stay-at-home moms with wayward kids, and working moms with amazing kids...

My sis is thinking about quitting work to devote her time to her kids too.

We both feel financially we can afford it if we are careful with our money, provided the hubbies' jobs are stable.


Do i have what it takes to give up my work to stay home and be a homemaker without going bonkers?

"Poorer leisurely mad housewife whose sole focus in life is her kids" vs "Well-placed harassed but fulfilled careerist who is drained everyday".

What kind of kids will my children turn out with either choice?

What kind of marriage partnership will it be?

What kind of woman will I be when the kids are grown?

It can't be a black and white either/ or choice.

There must be a balanced place where a woman's career is on a steady (stable but no longer sky rocketing) course while being able and having time to communicate with the kids, giving them space to learn to be independent and thoughtful human beings.

The search continues.

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