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Monday, January 21, 2008

Mozilla Firefox

Had upgrading from IE6 to IE7 when it became available a while back, while I enjoyed the tabs but but hated the lag and general hogging of system resources, and worst of all the error message that pops up to say

even when I chose to close IE when done with it.

and recently it has been shutting down as and when, especially when I have my poems account opened. Very inconvenient to say the least.

So I've decided to move and installed

Imported the IE stuff and installed Java and Flashplayer etc, but loading and installing the plugins were mostly painless.

"Only" thing left to check out at the addins and figure out how to open a new tab without having going to the menu.


Ctrl-T opens a tab
i was abt to type the same thing :)

i don't want to use CTR keys leh

i want right clicks

Ah Ju,

the times are a-changing. :)
hee... firefox is soooo much better than IE lor...
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