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Monday, January 07, 2008

Facebook - Unexpected Dilemmas of Superpokes

Dont really keep up with superpokes, though i must admit that there is a mindless motivation to superpoke xxx number of times in order to attain the next levels of new and more interesting superpokes

Even have a friend whom we superpoke bad stuff each other with just because the mean ones so much more wicked and funny (seriously, compare "roundhouse kick" and "hug", *rolleyes*), none of it with "real" malicious intent of course ;)

So there is an element of I'm skanking you "just for the fun" and for me to relieve stress.

And now the dilemma...

not of the keeping count "i've been superpoke x times, so i must superpoke BACK x times" or "mean beget mean" or "do i superpoke random people to get to the next level" or even "do i continue to superpoke friends who never superpoke me" varieties.


what if there is somebody i really want to use a mean superpoke on and i really mean it, so should I superpoke or not?

and if i've nice superpoke someone and i'm now regretting it, can i cancel it with a mean superpoke?


You are thinking waaaaaay tooooooo much about this
so unnecessarily drama right?

but you know you're under a special category of superpoke friends in my list :)
oh wow.. and what special list is that?
the one that the mean superpokes are not really meant to be mean :)
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