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Friday, November 09, 2007

Spinach Salad

Had a BBQ potluck gathering yesterday. My assignment is salad (of which i decided to try 2 diff recipes, and otah)

Since E was out of town, had to manage the marketing + kids alone

Thought I had everything covered by buying the non-perishable ingredients before my trip, and pia-ing from airport straight to supermarket to buy the veg.

But there wasnt any baby spinach leaves in sight at Cold Storage Compass Point, I went round and round, and bought 1 kg of ordinary spinach in unlabelled packagings. i thought they were a little too big (old) and will need to discard the bigger leaves and stems.

Unfortunately, when the cashier scanned the 4 x 250gm packs of veg, the readout says CHYE SIM.

can die.

but but but, supermarkets do mislable their stuff right? especially veg in what seems to be generic-used-for-everything-by-the-same-company packaging... RIGHT~?

anyways, as I reached home in my sleep deprived stage, I tried a leaf raw to see if it IS spinach.

doesnt taste like leh...

in desperation for confirmation i took a pic, mms to Leng and asked her what she thot, despite the ungodly hours.

Also NO leh. too long stems and too little leaves per stalk.


Ran out of the house in the morning and finally found some REAL spinach.

Assembled the recipe with ingredients:

Spinach Salad (for 10)
20 g butter decided no need.
125 g almonds, blanched and slivered replaced with toasted pine nuts because i like
570 g spinach (leaves only), rinsed and torn into bite-size pieces
150 g dried cranberries
20 g toasted sesame seeds
10 g poppy seeds cannot find, replaced with some cracked black pepper
125 100 g white sugar
9 g minced onion
0.7 g paprika
75 ml white wine vinegar
75 ml cider vinegar
150 ml vegetable oil

It came out GOOD. though I was asked the recipe several times, the whole bowl was not finished cos I was late to the party and pp already ate too much of the other stuff. DUH.

oh. the other dish, a carrot thingy, didnt come out so well. 'nuff said.


How many ppl can this recipe serve? Enough for like 8-10ppl?
yup. 10 adults ;)

can throw in some halved cherry tomatos for color and variety too.
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