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Friday, November 16, 2007

Plant a Tree & FreeCycling

I am amazed i actually remembered and that i have time to track these down:

1. FreeCycling

Read about this on the newspapers sometime back.

I've always been a believer in reduce, reuse, recycle, and in that order.

While I cannot yet subscribe to the compact movement, I try baby steps for things that I can do.

So some of the things I've started practicing are:
- Using my own bags when shopping
- shopping and buying things that i need versus i want
- recyclying glass, drink cans, paper cartons, drink cartons, plastic
- selling newspaper and magazines to the garang guni man
- passing on toys and children's clothes to friends and family

Despite these, I still feel that it is a real waste to simply throw (even recycle or sell to the garang guni man) something that is merely old(er) but is no longer suitable for my needs.

So the freecycling is appealing as it is very different from:
- abstinence where you cannot enjoy new things or shop, i.e. No New Books, only borrow from librabry
- exchange where you get something by trading something you do not want,
- handing down, to whom specifically? Even second hand store dont want the old books, for nothing!
- recycling, where the item is trashed and and remade into something else from its demise, i.e. Nice book but not good enough to keep in my collection, recycle as paper waste.

This is purely giving something that you have no use for, to someone who has use for it. And an active local Singapore Group! (unlike those book exchange groups that trickle down to nothing when they come to Asia)

Joined as a member, gonna lurk around abit and see whatsup before giving away some stuff.

2. Plant a Tree programme

Caught a TV news report on plant-a-tree in Singapore and i thought what an excellent idea!

Living in the concrete jungle, we have no land or garden to speak of.

But to be able to plant a tree and be able to revisit it as it grows!

What a magnificient idea!

To commemerate an event, to honor your parents/ family, to teach your children!

Only $200 per tree, and $1500 for 10.

You are encouraged to be there to plant the tree, you will receive a photo and a certificate, and be able to return to the same spot to mark the growth of a tree. A living, breathing, growing TREE. Not just a house plant. wow.

I just might do it. A present for all my immediate family, for Singapore, for Earth.

what? it is the gahment's job? please...

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