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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


have been barely surviving with a kink in my back since forever (ok, at least a month back) and finally went to my regular massuer at Far East Plaza (or is it Lucky Plaza? i'm forever confusing them by name, but i mean the one next to Goodwood Park) last week

the good news is she restarted the head/ face massage as part of her service when she received a replacement tool which looked alot like this

the massage as she explained it, is actually a type of 刮沙, and she applied the tool on my scalp and my face. And the immediate sensation was a releasing of tension in my head. I was relaxed, somehow refreshed but not sleepy. I felt like I was floating as I left the shop, and i could work on a thousand worksheets.

unfortch, the bad news is she had to increase prices due to yet another rent revision by her landlord. So it is $60 per hour now instead of $50, but that had stayed the same for at least the 6 years I've been going to her.

So I'm not going to begrudge her a single bit, but in fact welcome it as long as it helps her stay in business. I mean, who would i go to if she ever closes shop? i can hardly survive when she goes on a long holiday, she's practically my physiotherapist for all the kinks and kooks that comes from my job.


hi, ur masseur sounds good. can email me her contacts?
hey ah ju.

you've got mail in facebook
thanks jan!
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