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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

The book was launched whilst i was still in Paris.

And the first words I read about the book, while on the return flight to SG, in a tactless/ clueless/ thoughtless reporting which started "As all who are concern with the book will now know, Harry Potter did not die" and there went the whole point of the book, indeed the whole series of 7 books.

I finally borrowed the book last week and read it in 2.5 nights, burning the midnight oil from the time kids fell asleep to the wee 4 am's.

It is the best book of the series, befitting the grand finale.

The staging were almost cinematisque, and the plot mostly tight, with parts of teenage romance and angst; slapstick humor and the dark despair of meandering search, a birth, 2 weddings and many deaths (not counting those 19 years later, which i thot was a little unnecessary, i mean seriously, who cared abt Ginny and HP and their future kids?).

My favourite line is from Dumberdore "It is all in your head, of course, but why isn't it real?" not quoted ad verbatim, but as far as i can remember.

I just might read it again soon.

And shall be waiting with much anticipation for the movie.

but i shall have to sit through number 6 first.


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