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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Amazon mp3

ALLrighty! download music with no DRM!

enough of soundbuzz and its SGD1.99 songs.

Most Amazon mp3 at USD0.89 to USD0.99 and their 30sec preview actually works. Plus some free songs too.

but alas, none of those back back catalogue songs that i want
OK, neither does soundbuzz but i kinda expected more from Amazon ya know?

(i dont know whether itunes have them or not. I dont need to know cos i dont have anything mac, if you must know)

Anyways, i found the strangest thing:

The songs i want from the above artists are not available on Amazon, BUT they are available from Amazon in the form of Sound-a-Like by some artist called Studio Group. So they are like, er..., the not-pirated angmoh cover version of the pasar malam CDs we get huh?


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