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Monday, May 14, 2007

UNI$ rewards

Have 400 UOB UNI$ expiring June, out of i dunno, more than 20k?
Anyways, did a grab of their rewards summary and did a quick calculation of what is most worthwhile based on how many UNI$ i have to exchange for S$1...

Tunglok is the cheapest but I already have a Tunglok first card and that has over $136 worth already... Chocz is the most expensive which is crazy...

I could buy Hugo Boss something for E... maybe

or Stuff for myself:
- something from Nike but i already have enough exercise gear
- more clothes from Zara
- MORE books from Borders

or a nice dinner at Morton's with E though only $100 worth of voucher may be used at any one time which means we will have to spend maybe $100 more

or a nice meal at Sakae Sushi with the whole family, the kiddies love the conveyor sushi system

but i'll never probably not (never say never) change for vouchers from Metro since you earn UNI$ with UOB card, or Cathy movie tickets since you get 12% for paying with UOB credit cards...

let me think about it somemore...

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Take the Hugo Boss voucher. I think that has the best value for the amount of UNI$ required to exchange for it. I should have exchange for that instead of the stupid Tang's voucher only to find out that Tang's don't carry Hugo Boss products.
but but but Hugo Boss means only stuff for hubby wor... and it is only "best value" per UNi$ but since their stuff are so ex you need to spend alot more to get anything (even with vouchers) right?

we're likely to be going for the morton's voucher for our anniversary :)
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