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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My first Coach bag and most expensive bag ever

COACH Soho Pebbled Leather Small Hobo (in Silver/Sand)
USD 198 (USD210 after tax)
My first COACH bag

and the most expensive bag i've ever owned because this is in season and no discount!

Thank you dear mei mei *muwah*

only another week or so till i get it ;)


Hey, i just bought the same one for my mum... but in black
they are so NOT the same lah...

you bought your mom a Coach ERGO SIGNATURE small hobo in black FABRIC

mine is a COACH SOHO PEBBLED LEATHER small hobo in sand LEATHER



or is it...



hope your mom knows how much you love her.
It's the same difference, YJJ
*roll eyes*

there went my high esteem of you as a discerning shopper...

Mine's the more ruggedised version of yours.. got the protection pads on the side..

Im definitely not a discerning shopper.. watever gave you that idea?
i thot you were suppose to give the bag to your mom?!

and re the discerning shopper bit, i do duly stand corrected...
bwahahhaahha .. u crack me up YJJ
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