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Monday, May 21, 2007

Me on Magazine?

was contacted by a fellow SgRunner from out of the blues, very Blue becos i've not been active in the forum since my last race, and even more BLUE cos we've not spoken before

courtesy msn back.

turned out he is looking for subjects to do a marathon special...

with ME as a subject?! there are so many younger/ older/ faster/ way faster marathoners out there...

he must be desperate, very desperate. to the point that he tried to sell the idea of pp want to read about "down to earth pp doing marathons".

Riiiight. cant get more DOWN to earth then me who finished a marathon in 7:48

good grief.

and oh, did i mention that it was for a MAGAZINE?

what have i gotten myself into?


hey why not, I think you would make a good feature for the magazine. Its not easy for a working mum to balance work, taking care of 2 kids and running a marathon. Plus not forgetting that year (2005 marathon) was the one with the worst weather conditions (up to 35 degrees of heat). Your story would definately encourage many women to take on the marathon.
*tears in eyes*

i am grateful.

while i had always been very proud that i attempted and finished a marathon (though i sometimes feel that it needed more courage to START then to DO); i had also been a little embarrassed about my timing, the twisted ankle, blisters, heat, virgin marathon notwithstanding...

i mean, there are double-emputees and 60 year old ladies who ran a marathon faster, waaay faster, than i did!

Your comments had helped to remind me of all the challenges that i had to overcome during the training and running the marathon, that i ran my own race and am a worthy finisher, no matter the time (though i really should try to improve upon that in my next race...)

thank you philip. thank you.
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