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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Good neighbourly relations

The most irritating spiel from a so called official from the embassy trade office of our largest neighbour urging my company to support their latest copy of an endless stream of trade books.

It started off with how they need our support and how they appreciate that Singapore are always the first to rush to their aid in tsunami, volcano eruption, bird flu, earth quake, all types of disaster.

Then how ASEAN members must support each. The country has seen very good growth everything very potential since leader took over 3 years ago, and how even now the Singapore ministers sign the documents with their leader's daughter.

And it ended with money cannot buy everything. Because Singapore have no oil, no gas, no water, no sand and no granite. Even got money people dont want to sell also no use.

So now it is good opportunity to put the good name of my company in their trade book, and can they put us down for a beautiful full color full page advertisement ah.

Had to endure the whole thing while trying to push that we need to get budget approval and ask for their rate card, while trying to make my handpone ring to end the 4 minutes non-stop self-congratulatory narration with a heavy breathing halt to each pause in a sentence.

i can even smell the stale cigeratte smoke over the telephone.

now i feel like i need a bath to cleanse all that oily smugness out of my system.

i'll settle for a disinfecting wipe-down of my desk phone.


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