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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Even more driving milestone - almost an accident

First, the Good:

More parking lots conquered!

- Wheelock Place
- Paragon
- Center Point


The Bad

Never ever go to Shenton way aread in the evening after 6 and leave at 7.

Had to pick up documents from Capital Tower at by 6, and I reached there just before. Unfortunately i couldnt just leave as i had to rearrange all the documents into proper sequence in proper folders for Boss's meeting that evening. Which i managed in 30min (big mistake number 1) while sipping coffee at Starbucks.

And then to deliver the documents. Since I had no idea how to get from Capital Tower to the other side of town, i sat in the car studying the road directory for 5-10mins (big mistake number 2). Alright... Cecil Street - Cross Street - Eu Tong Sang Road - River Valley Road - Hoot Kim Road - Paterson Road - Stevens Road - blah blah blah.

I drove out of the lot and smack into a long queue of cars trying to LEAVE the car park. And was stuck for 10min on my floor trying to get into the downward spiral. Then another 15 min in the spiral before turning out on to Cecil Street, and then another 10min to filter left and get to the 2nd traffic light that is Cross Street. Good grief, almost 30min to travel a distance of 100m.

The only bit of good, i didnt get lost. Not until i had delivered the documents and on my way home anyway.

The Ugly

Had to reach office darn early, much earlier then usual.

Which meant that traffic patterns were different.

No prob on all the highways, until i hit Mandai Road.

I usually keep to the right most lane, filtering to center lane before the zoo junction, and filtering left 50m after the junction to get in lane to turn left into slip road to KJE.

well, this time, it was heavy traffic on all 3 lanes, and i didnt manage to filter to center lane until just after the zoo junction, at which point i was alredy in a mild panic since i saw that the queue to KJE had started BEFORE the zoo junction.

Checking the rear view and left mirror I took a chance and tried to slip into a small gap that had opened. But had to jam brake when the car in front stopped suddenly, the car behind him wasnt moving since i was half way into the gap, BUT the car behind me had to jam brake too, with a good blast of the horn for good measure. I waved my apologies and made a hasty escape when the car in front moved.

I could still feel the flush on my face from the sheer embarrassment.

Thank goodness, nothing and nobody was hurt.


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