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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bangkok 22 ~ 23 May 07

Just another work trip so not going to blog much about it.

Whats interesting is one of the guys who was on the same work trip.

A millionaire. He drives a SLK 350, but took an MRT to make the flight out of Changi Airport. He says it was no hassle since he was travelling light, and no point driving only to park at Changi and pay parking fees.

wow. I'm going to rethink my spending habits.

I know he comes from old money and made his from his various ventures, but STILL~!

Music & Lyrics

Finally caught the movie flying SQ to BKK. What a great little movie! It was not earth-shatteringly brilliant with science, or serious thought-provoking drama, just a warm comedy for us oldies who grew up in the 80s.

The throw back to wham, the hip trusting POP! moves,

THAT video (and the very funny VH1 spoof of what happened to them at the end when the credits rolled),

the witty dialogue, the chemistry between Drew Barrymoore and Hugh Grant (great casting includes Kristen Johnson from Third Rock from the Sun as comic relief)

that song that just grew on me, i could go on...

I've just found the new feel good movie for me. is the DVD out yet?

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