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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Times at Centerpoint

Have been a Times member for the longest time, besides the 10% discount on most things, the best bit is the 1-time 20% off on most things card in your birthday month.

I already have a few books in mind:
- A salmon of doubt - Douglas Adams
- Last chance to see - Douglas Adams
- 700 Sundays - Billy Crystal
- a few more... (ok, a lot more...)

was in town yesterday and decided that i should go to Times @ Centerpoint, it is the flagship store, right? plus i get to stay within Orchard after paying the entry toll, but need not pay the exit toll if i stay long enough.

Parking was easy, the lots were wide though a little short (but ok for my March lah). I thought it would be a good day.

Unfortunately, the 5th level of Times no longer exist.

the Times consists of only 3 units. 1/3 being kids books and stationary.

It was a sad sad sad selection of books.

it was almost like a sad and expensively centrally located 7-11 compared to Giant hypermart in Tampines (think Borders)

- The bestseller shelves were uninspiring

- The staff's favorites were stocked with all Sherlock Holmes.

- they had a shelve which was named "books for women" which was stocked with fluffy chick lit, and that was hugely offensive to me.

- The 2 shelves in humour was stocked with 1.5 shelves of comics and manga.

- books were placed in the wrong sections. A million little pieces by James Frey was in Biography... 'nuff said. It was good reading, but it was hugely embellished fiction. OKAY?

It was the MOST BORING bookshop i've had the misfortune of stepping into. Even Popular in an suburban mall has more energy than it.

but i have a 20% discount card which i had to use, cos no time go shopping liao.

i walked round and round and round. Almost purchasing books that i've read and loved just so i have something to show for it. A Complete Works of Jane Austen. The 50th anniversary edition of the Lord of the Rings. The Stand by Stephan King.

in the end, i picked up only 3 books. The Millionaire Mind, Last Notes from a Great Island, and another book. The bill was only $43 after discount.

i need to go Borders. soon.

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