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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Surprisingly good steak

needed a huge chunk of bloody juicy red meat.

i was in Compass Point.

cant imagine going to Jack's Place or Swenson for 1.

decided to try out Delifrance Bistro's new menu which featured several types, the most expensive being Tenderloin @ S$20.95++, plus $2.00++ for a side of salad/ drink/ some stuff.

I went with middle rare steak + ice lemon tea.

First 4 small slice of baquets which cold, not warm :( but it is free...

Then the main dish came.

The salad side looked unappetising, basically shredded rabbit food, but the tangy sauce saved it.

The steak came in 2 slabs, not sure if they cut it in half for easier cooking or they came in thinner slices which required 2 pieces to make up 1 serving.

It looked too cooked to be medium rare (always order 1 level less cooked than your preferred doneness on steaks in non-steak houses, as they tend to OVER-COOK), but to my surprise it was juicy and nice and chewy, even that bit of fat on the edge.


the potato gratin with melted cheese was good too.

Overall a good combi and value for the price.

might go back again the next time i have a craving for meat, but dont want to bust any budgets. :)


Ho... looks like it's money well spent eh?
yup, un-pretencious good-valued steak. Could be bloodier tho' :D
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