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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


My name is YoJanJan and I am a Perfectionist

My last transgression was today when a staff came to me saying that we needed to print new namecards, but the bureu's ISO logo had changed from a squarish to long rectangle one. A simple replacement cant work as the new logo will be too small in that design.

She showed me her suggested artwork and printer's suggested artwork but all CMI IMHO.

So I spent over an HOUR to redesign the whole damn thing, AND THEN i double checked the brand/ products listing at back of namecard, found that it needed updating and HENCE reworded and redesign THAT whole damn thing too

I could have minded my own business, let things slide and saved myself 2 HOURS but my pride and perfectionalism couldnt accept a job that is less than perfect

I will try less next time.


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