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Friday, April 13, 2007


I guess it had to happen. Sooner or later. An accident.

But thank goodness it was only in a dream, though a very realistic one.

It seemed that I was in some nightspot, and having had some drinks decided to drive to check out an auto-center nearby to change my tyres with my friends.

They left first and i was anxious to catch up, so i gunned my car when reversing out of the lot and backed into the front of a very expensive old car, instantly waking me up from my drunken high. As some un-naturally beefy men came menacing towards me, i found out soon enough to belong to some underworld figure.

The good news was my boss knows him and they decided not to kill me, the bad news was there was no way to repair the car or to make an insurance claim because of the dark connections. So they gave me a bill for $25k to settle on the spot.

By then i was not only stone-cold sober, but also had the greatest remorse of driving under the influence.

As i sweated and sweated over the troubles that i was in, i managed to wake up from this nightmare.

If you drink, dont drive.


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