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Friday, February 09, 2007

Self Improvement - HairCut

After sticking with the same hairdresser for 3-4 years, who did short hair very very well but was clueless with long hair and who had an unnaturual fear of THICK long hair (for a professional hair dresser, so DUH.), it was time for a change.

I asked around friends and family for recommendations for a hair dresser unafraid of thick long hair and finally decided to check out Leng's

We went down to Ngee Ann City on a Sun afternoon. Leng led me through the ground floor to a section I didnt know existed, let alone visted, and we walked into the hair salon shroulded with velvety maroon curtains. Very mysterious.

After being shown into the interior of glossy high fashion glass and steel and curtain affair, where we were given silkish robes to put on to protect our clothes, and a choice of beverages being served by ah-mahs in uniform. And a pile of CURRENT local and international magazines was placed in front of me. So far so expensive looking.

I was introduced to the hairdresser, and I told him what i wanted, long flowy thick hair with movement. Do-able, but main task is to salvage the chop by the previous hairdresser (who had wanted to "thin down" the volume). errr... ok.

Hair wash and scalp massage... UH-Oh-hmmm-oh-OH.... nice. ;)

The hair cut proper. I had burried my nose in a magazine, but felt the close presence of another person beside the hair dresser, and to my surprise, his assistant (the guy who washed my hair) was holding up my hair with 2 fingers, acting as a HUMAN HAIR CLIP. Then the assistant was sorta dancing around the hairdresser, trying not to inconvenient him, to hold different sections of my hair depending on what and where was being cut. weirdness.

The cut didnt take too long, perhaps 30min, it came out alright, but a little too demure for my liking.

Then it was Leng's turn. The same thing happened with another assistant holding up her long hair. i had to stifle a giggle.

Leng later told me that the salon didnt like the pinched marks that a real hair clip made on hair, so they have assistants to do that.

My bill for the wash, massage, cut and blow was $79.
A little on the expensive side, but i guess a human hair clip does come at a price.



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