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Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas Eve Dinner screw up

okay, it was not a party, just a gathering of mostly immediate family and close friends at my sis's.

i had volunteered to order the food, with her preparing the salad, rice and desert.

Thought i made a good call for Amici's Porchetta (Roast Piglet) @ $120 and Seafood Galore @ $144. I called the Holland V branch becos i had the number there and explicitly told them that i wanted to pick up at Tanjong Pagar. I called the next day when HV didnt call back to confirm my order. Confirmed order and confimed pickup location.

left for my trip and came back extremely late 23Dec

woke up breary-eyed 24Dec and E told me that we are going to his sis's for a family gathering!!! that meant tight schedule to go for the gathering at Eunos, pickup the food at TP and still make it to Pasir Ris for my family gathering.

At 5pm, i had a strange gut feeling and called Amici TP. They couldnt find my order and said will call me back. They called back to say that they do have my order but the pick up is at HV. drat! There wasnt enough time to transfer from HV to TP, so would i mind picking up from HV? i mind but do i have a choice? I will have to ask somebody else to collect so I told them that and reconfirmed that since i had already given them my credit card info when placing the order, there was no need to pay when collecting. Confirmed.

I couldnt get to HV in between the 2 gatherings, so i asked a cousin who was going to the gathering to help pick up from HV. They said ok. thank goodness. but little did i know the drama doesnt end there...

We went to the gathering number 1, and quickly to gathering number 2. While on the way, my cousin called to tell me Amici asked her to pay, should she? I called Amici and told them they already confirmed that i had paid, what was going on? They said that while they had my credit card info, they had not entered the billing yet. Not my problem, really, right? Right, my cousin could pick up and go.

When we all arrive at the gathering number 2, there was only 1 Seafood Galore. WHERE IS THE PORCHETTA? I called Amici HV. They had to check and call me back. By then it was 8pm. They called to tell me that yes, i had order the Porchetta and Seafood Galore BUT at the pickup there were too many people and SOMEBODY ELSE took my Porchetta! This is just too ridiculous to be even remotely funny... I told them i was about to scream and they tried service recovery in promising to russel up something and deliver to Pasir Ris, all complimentary and with an additional bottle of wine as apologies.

We had to go out and buy KFC as there really wasnt enough food to go around.

It was 915pm when Amici finally came with a food platter with baked fish, roast beef and roast lamb and some vegetable garnishes and dips, well enough for 15 of us. But no wine. I guess they forgot.

At least the kids had lots of fun with presents orgy... the adults just needed more drinks.

Now i'll really like to see if they forgot that they should only be charging me for the Seafood Galore for $144 and not the rest. Lets see what the next credit card bill shows...


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