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Friday, December 08, 2006

SCSM 2006 - Aftermath

Aftermaths of SCSM 06

Read about the courageous lady with the tyre on her blog

My Recovery:
  1. Dried up blister measuring 4.5cm in length, 1.5cm in width in one end and 1cm in the other end, and a narrower width in the middle of 0.5cm. Kinda like a number 8 :D
  2. 2 days of walking stiffly and falling into chairs instead of sitting down properly, but all clear after a full body deep tissue massage :)
  3. Slightly twisted ankle needs some exercise. :(

My stand on how long the clock should tick for the marathon in this post

DO quoted an MR25 member's post in another forum

Good to see the results up so quick.At the start line they were saying how
wonderful that there were8,900 odd runners in the half.

Interesting to note that only 6159 finished the race. Only 70%turned up??? or are they still out there??7100 did the full and about 9000 the 10km.22,000 runners. Does that mean there were 8,000 in the kids dash?Or have the figures been inflated to make the organisers feel good.we were told 30,000 were running.

One thing is for sure. If they all turned up then it would have beenworse than hell trying to get through the slow moving marathon pack.Another interesting fact that in last years race the average timefor the marathon was 5 and a half hours and only 7% ran under 4hours. Not exactly something to brag about for a world class event.

Tis a comment fm a MR25's Ang MO abt te No Show SC Marathon Runners n te current situation... in tis instance, I have to agreed with... especially with further observation fm another SGrunner's own Ang Mo "at I saw of some very unfit runners being taken off to hospital after collapsing at the finish line the organizers may be trying to avoid any negative press to help keep the numbers growing for next year."

Must things must be done to correct te current situation..... hmmmm

Freddy @ Dec 4 2006, 02:44 PM

To consider a world class event, the marathon should not set at 12 hrs, a shorter time i.e 6 hrs should be considered. More runners should be encourage to run the 10km or 1/2. Marathon should not be consider as part of fun run.

yojanjan @ Dec 5 2006, 11:23 AM

ooohhh... do i smell elitism in the air?

the fact is Singapore still does not have a huge running culture, we dont have enough history behind us, we dont have enough races (only ONE a year), we dont even have supporters along the route, other than volunteers, family and friends - and we are already talking about exclusion?

A world class event is more than timing. It is heart.

could the lady with the tyre have "completed" if the clock was dismantled at 6 hours?

If you stop the clock at 6 hours, how many runners would have been prevented from the route of self-discovery by going the whole works, digging deep and finding their inner reservoir of strength and self-belief?

sure we have pp who run well and fast. that's great and kudos to them!

but i also salute the runner who came in last but who had finished. and i thank the organisers for waiting for the last runner to come in.

if you want world class timing for the entire field, hold a qualifying round to prevent the amatuers from "spoiling" the race.

oh wait. even Boston has wild card entries for pp who does not meet the timing to enjoy the race.

so the only way is go for the Games, the Asia Games, the Olympics, guarantee no "hell going through the slow moving pack".

ultraman @ Dec 5 2006, 12:35 PM

“Elitism”? Aiyo, this word has been greatly discouraged in Europe recently. It is a discrimination indeed, a segregation of status code, a drawing a line between top and bottom.

Anyone who can complete a marathon is an “elite” in that person!

Look at our "Realrunner", he has suffered from very bad cramps, was down and tormented for almost an hour with the pain and agony; for many lesser runners would have already given up and left, but he continued to complete the run even though he finished it over 5hours. That is the kind spirit and sportsmanship that we seldom get.

I would respect Realrunner more than those who have took the run lightly without much training/foundation and fainted on the actual day.

After all, its not a mere 10km or 21km......it is a 42.195km marathon.


yojanjan @ Dec 5 2006, 02:33 PM

i agree with you that a marathon journey is not one to be taken lightly, without preparation. The journey starts from the point a person decides to run one, then the training, getting to the start point and the running on the actual day.

One who runs a marathon without thinking and without training (i dont know which is worst) is a fool for not taking the opportunity to learn about himself, and a fool for putting himself in danger.

but lets not forget that even well trained and even experienced runners do fail to complete becos of inevitable problems during the run, and i applaud all who attempt the marathon journey, finisher or not. so in the same vein, lets do applaud those who had the courage to start, sub-6 finishers or sub-12 finishers.

embrace all.


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