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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More travelling again

Oh great... i get notification of more travelling by receiving a copy of e-ticket in my mailbox again.

Suppose the siaming of travelling recently is back to haunt me. 3 cities in a 8 days.

20-12-06 SIN to HCM
21-12-06 HCM to BKK
23 or 24-12-06 BKK to SIN (thats freaking robbing my Christmas Eve with my family...)

27-12-06 SIN-KL-SIN
yup, day trips are good, no matter how early they start and how late they end. At least I get to lay in my own bed.

not a happy camper. Especially not faced with the mountains of preparation and reports required... argh...


Wish I can have a job that allows me to travel.
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