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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ho Chi Minh 12~14 Oct 06 Part 2

well, we did have dinner at a local place, but not an exotic unpolitically correct dinner, just a nice local meal in a local restuarant.

the food is as i understand vietnamnese food to be, clean taste, mint leaves, chili, lime, garlic, beef, fish, rice paper, dips. good stuff.

unfortunately the party was marred by too much drinking, bolstered by the very good merlot, without a doubt, but the locals were not ready for the likes like us, not even our local host. Had to apologise several times to some and "tong" drinks for some... typical...

anyways, some rambling observations on HCM:

- girls tend to have long hair, and wear simply, mostly a short-sleeve top with pants, and long sleeved gloves, cloth mask and hats, sun glasses even. but the features are not refined, and together with their darker skin makes them look older than they most probably are, and a air of countryness

- the locals speak english, of a much better standard then even the Thais.

- the economy is booming. you can feel it in the endless constructions, the fashion trends in the city, and just a sense of expectations in the people. The place will move, and will move fast. Be there now, or be there too late.

- crossing the left-hand drive roads take nerves of steel, and a sense of trusting-to-fate. There are little traffic lights, and it is a dance between all road users. You take a breathe and start to cross slowly, trusting that the motorbikes will swerve around you. But the main rule is: always let the cars go first.

- Disco come with hostesses, who dont dance. weird.

Gonna be there again next week. sigh~


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