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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Test Drive - Mitsubishi i

Went to C&C over the weekend to check out the KIA cars, picanto and rio specifically.

Unfortunately none of the picanto or rio models come with airbag (not even driver airbag) OR ABS. The 2 features that I am unwilling to compromise upon.

More laughably, the picanto models do not adjust for height on the driver seat, which means I will have use cushion(s) on my seat! Great, like I need to be reminded of how small I am every single time i step into my OWN CAR... grrrrrl.

On a lark, we decided to drop by the Mitsubishi showroom in the same building to check out the Mitsubishi i. On first look, E was like, "eeeee.... so ugly!" because there was no overhang over the front wheels. But when we checked out the interiors, he thot the car was really cute, except for the lack of overhang (which cant be helped you know? the engine is at the back, and the whole front is a crumper zone!)

anyways, i am in LOVE! there is not a straight line in the design of the car, all cute sexy curves. red seats, circular motiffs, hidden tissue box, chubby holes galore, high headroom, snazzily designed knobs, single front wiper (E was somehow impressed by this), TWIN airbags, ABS, EBD, all in a 659cc-turbo charged engine package for the price of S$46k with sports rim + reverse sensor (I know hatch back no need reverse sensor, but i feel better having them whether or not i use them) thrown in. OMV is surprisingly high at $12k~ $13k though, even higher than some 1.6 litre car, but thats because almost everything in the i comes factory fitted.

Went for a test drive, the little turbo-charged car was more powerful than i expected, driving like a 1 or 1.2 litre car. It cushioned well when driving over small uneven roadworks, and didnt whine much when i rev it above 4000rpm to hit 86km/h. Good all round visibility too. It is so narrow that i expect that it will be a breeze to park.

The low down however, it is a slightly 4 person car, enough for 2 man or 3 very small ladies behind. The brake is a little spongy and i had to brake hard, but that could be taken care off by understanding the engine break (not much) and braking much much earlier. The other worry will be the after-sales maintenance, there wont be any workshop except back to C&C, and no parts except back to C&C.

I'm so in love...


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