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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Run 060909

Why does running makes me so happy? i literally had to tell myself not to smell at everybody when i start my run, especially not those D.O.M.s who are sitting on the ground starring at girls' legs as they run pass...

300 m warm up in 5min
6km jog in 47:05 min (1st 2km in 15:30, 2nd 2km 14:25, and 3rd 2km 17:10 including 2 x 2min walking breaks)
200 m warm down in 4min
and then 17 min of stretches, and push ups.

my pattstrap ankle strap came in the mail on monday, it was just a little too small even though i bought the right size for my foot size. sigh~

and then i forgot to pack it in my gym bag as i was trying it with my work shoes, and when it proved too uncomfortable (too big to fit into my work shoes properly) i took it out and packed it in my work bag... double sigh~

anyways, the run didnt trouble me too much, i decided to go for 6 km instead of playing it safe with 5km, and maybe ran a little faster as E started later and i didnt want him to overtake me :p

Rounded up the training session with a climb of 13 storeys + 10 storeys. didnt bother with timing, lets just concentrate on stamina to last 73 storeys for now ;)


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