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Friday, September 01, 2006

driving milestone

didnt really like driving before today, having felt that it was a chore.

- having to babysit and bring the car home,
- worry about unfamiliar routes, lane changing,
- worry about fast and furious traffic
- parking woes

today i reached a new milestone. the longest km logged, and the most destinations.

E's Office at MacPherson --> Jurong office via PIE --> lunch at Jurong Point --> office --> Henderson office via AYE --> Jurong office via AYE --> Potong Pasir via PIE --> Home at SengKang

i cant say that i've fallen in love with driving, but i'm feeling more confident of my abilities in handling the car, and practice makes perfect.

i am glad i didnt pass on the chance (challenge? ;) ) to take the car for a day.


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