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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Discover Hennessy 13-Sept-06

Received Discover Hennessy invites from Leng for 13-9-06, this time featuring a German band called Jahcoozi & The Tape who plays a mix of Blip Hop, Ragga-tech, R n' B Punk and Click Pop Electonica (the media's description of their sounds).

I wasnt crazy about the rap but it was nice that the band was interacting with the good-sized crowd and even got people dancing. I had downed a few of the free-flow Hennessy Shanghai (Brandy with Ginger Ale and a lemon rind) and passed on the Hennessy Miami (Brandy with lime juice) which was too sour for me.

We hit the dancefloor as the music and beat got more grove, and we were duly rewarded when the lady vocalist, Sasha Perera came on. She was coolness in definition, sleek vocals and moves, plus she played a mean trumpet.

check out their very danceable music in their site in myspace

Unfortunately the night ended early, too early for me. I was too involved with the music showing off my moves and my pants split right down middle in the back, and i had to beat a hasty retreat. My top covering all but 2 inches of the split, thank goodness for dark grey pants and black undies :p


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