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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Breakfast at Maxwell Market 060913

Had an errand to run in Maxwell Road in the morning, and decided to drop over to the renovated Maxwell Market for breakfast.

They must have completed the renovations 3-4 years ago, but I've not had an occassion to drop by till today. The whole place feels cleaner and brighter, some how more regimented and same as everywhere esle, compared to the dingy dark and wet market of yore when i still worked around there. Oh well, times change, people move on, and markets renovate.

It was too early to have the boneless chicken rice and other famed dishes, so i settled for poridge. There were a few that were opened, the 1st i saw faced directly to Maxwell Road, but I settled logically for one with a queue, right in the middle of the market. Zhen Zhen Pork Poridge. It was only while queueing up that i noticed the recommendations from Makansutra (Rating: Die Die Must Try) and that now defunct channel U Foodie show.

I ordered a $2.20 century-egg poridge + $3 raw fish. It was probably too much, but I had to have raw fish if and when i see it... Good call! The raw fish was freshly scrapped from the bones that morning, and loaded with shallots, fried shallots, sliced ginger, lime juice. YUM YUM YUM.

The poridge was good too, but pale in comparison with the raw fish heaven, loaded with pork, century egg and shallots.

Think I'll skip lunch today...


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