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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Skipping rope exercise

So far I've learnt that:

Length of rope should be : when standing in middle of rope, the ends should come to the armpit.

Form : knees slightly bend, land on balls of foot, shoulders slightly back, back mostly straight, stomach in, head looking ahead

Calories burnt : jumping rope at about 130 revolutions/min about similar to running at 6 miles per hour or cycling 12 miles per hour. i.e. 10 minutes of rope skipping (at 130 rev/min) is equivalent to a one-mile run.

Sets: For beginners, it will be easier to alternate 1min skipping with 1 min marching on the spot up to total of 10min, lengthening total time, and/or time skipping over time marching as skill and stamina improves.

Footwear : shoes for running (me just go with thick socks on carpet)

Floor : Those with slight give such as hardwood floor, carpet will take off pressure from joints.

will find out more about tricks/ skills when i get better, i'll just concentrate on doing 10min (1min alts) first.


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