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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Skip 060816

Right, i said that i'll bring my skipping rope on trips, i did and i skipped.

the plan was to do 12 sets of 50 continuous jumps, with rest in between each set.

but who'd had known that it was so difficult? my first few tries were rusty, the rope flinging every which way, tripping over them, and panting like mad. i was jumping too high, too low, my knees were bending too much etc. there were quite a few aborted sets where i had to start from count 1...

but it was satisfying, kinda bringing me back to girlhood games.

in the end, i completed 11 sets of 50 in 50min, taking long rest in between sets. then pushups, situps and stretches.

gotta find out what is the proper sets for skipping. is 50 too little per set? ;)


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