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Monday, August 28, 2006

Run 060827

Had wanted to run on Saturday but family commitments dictate that I postpone it... but that's alright, it takes a village to support a runner with small kiddies. I'll do my part and not run if that's required from me. :)

But at least I managed to run on Sunday.
Couldnt join AHM, and at least i ran on the same day :D

i bounded out of the flat as usual while trying to keep an idiotic grin from my face...

300 m warm up in 5min
4 km jog in 30min (getting faster ;D )
300 m warm down in 4min
and then 12 min of stretches, and push ups.

the ankle did a funny thing just in the middle of my warm up, something in the arch area sorta creaked and unhinged with a cold flash. I gingerly ran a few more steps and decided that i can continue. Averaged 7.5min/km pace for 4km while i did sorta tempo runs, easy 200m, fastish 200m and 100m sprint. my heart was racing like mad from the unfamiliar sprints. oh well, you gotta start somewhere, and hope to get better.

after the walk back to the flat, i decided that now is as good a time to start training for my Vertical Marathon (VM2006) , so i walked up the 10 storeys to the flat, no hands. the first 6 storeys were very easy, but my breath started laboring from 7th and i've had enough at 10th tho the flat goes up to 14th. there's always a next time.

The arch area is a little sore after the session, a little worried now. Gonna order the patt-stap PSC tomorrow for my ankle before it gets worst again.


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