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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Run 060812

I told you that it is easier to say "dont do too much too soon too fast" than to actually do it.

and boy was i glad that i didnt listen too this time :D

Went for a jog at Ghim Moh canal. my first run this year, i think

i started with an idiotic grin on my face as i left the flat. not believing that i actually made it out, and i felt free!

300 m warm up in 5min
3 km jog in 27min
400 m warm down in 5min
and then 12 min of stretches, and push ups.

while i did small sprints to test my ankle, i mostly just did easy running, concentrating on my form. some things you dont forget ;) throughout the way, i told myself just relax and enjoy it, but the competitive streak in me wont quit. I kept up the pace and wanted to finish in 9min pace, no matter what. :D

the only sensible concession i made was to do no more than 3km for the run. no point hurting the ankle which took such an insanely long time to heal. and good thing too, cos it did start hurting just past 2km, luckily i was on the return leg (having turned around at 1.5km mark) then.

happy happy happy.


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