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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lying Calories Burnt Counter

drat! it seems that the Elliptical machine's calorie counter is lying!

I had all along felt that the 500 cal burnt over 2700 steps is overstated, especially since the counter had no relation with the resistance level and my weight. More like a counter based on the number of steps.

and it turns out that i am correct. Based on the "calories burnt per exercise" calculators here, I am burning just 60% of the calories burnt as reported by the counter at best.

sheesh. so demoralizing, and i got to stop eating like i deserve to because of the exercises immediately. ARGH!

and i got to start exercising more and longer! good grief, no need to sleep liao...


Calories burned is really based on individual heart rate rather than weight and height. U might want to use a heart rate monitor if you have one, its accurate. I used to think my stationary biking burned alot, on the counter its displayed as 350 cals but my Polar was showing only 150, more than 50% diff.
you are absolutely right that a HRM is the most accurate in estimating cal burnt.

In an absence of one, a calorie burnt counter should at least approximate from kg, but my hopeless counter didnt even have that ... sigh~

the manufacturers' have a vested interest in overstating the calories burnt tho, cos it increases our satisfaction with the machine and hopefully more sales


was looking to buy a proper HRM, unfortunately me tends to go the best which means too many function and expensive. LOL.

maybe i buy that to reward myself when i get up swissotel ;)
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