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Monday, August 14, 2006

E 060814

0120am start. 21min, 2000 strides, 368 cal

Not the best Eliptical session but considering that i wanted to quit several times earlier, i did ok.

oh the mind games:

- wanted to quit at 10min, then told myself to at least pass the 1000 strides mark
- when at 1000 strides mark at 12min into the session, told myself to go to 15min as a warm down
- at 15min, calorie counter was 260, told myself to go to 300 cal- at 300 cal, was at 18min and strides was 1860, told myself to top up to 2000 strides
- finally quit at 2000 strides.
- stretches, pushups and situps.

come to think of it, i did spectacular :D


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