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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dinner at Prego

E suggested dining out for the night, and we went to Prego

We ordered everything to share.

1. wine
some house white for me (not the run of the mill, but not great so i didnt bother remembering the name), and merlot for E

2. baby spinach salad with cheese and balsamic dressing

3. squid ink seafood pasta
YUM YUM YUM. the pasta was soft but still chewy, the sauce was great, the seafood (clams, prawns, squid) were plentiful. I think I've found a new comfort food

4. veal with lemon dressing

5. warm chocolate powder cake with pitachio ice cream
i had thought that it was going to be warm chocolate sauce running over the cake, but when it came there was none on the cake. So i thought it might ooze out from the cake, but nothing when we cut into it. Then it hit us, the chocolate powder cake was warm.

6. coffee/ earl grey
tea for me, coffee for E

Total damage $146, but after 50% on Food from Raffles Feed (or was it Eat) Card, total was $99.

The evening was nice and cozy, but we took pains to ignore the Hyundai Elephant in the resturant....


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